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By piping centrally generated chilled water through a building to serve individual tenant spaces single floors or several floors chiller plants provide cooling for large and multibuilding campusesChilled water pipes are much smaller than air ducts a pound of water can store four times as much thermal energy as the same mass of air and has a much smaller volume due to its densityWater is also a much more spaceefficient heat transfer medium than air and it works particularly well in smaller spaces.

COLUMNS FEATURES 30 26 4 From the Editor 5 Industrial Cooling System News 34 Advertiser Index 34 The Marketplace Jobs and Technology COOLING TOWER amp CHILLER FEATURES 14 The Impact of Water Utility Rates on Chiller Selection By Judith M.


Components of chiller plants include one or more chillers chilled water circulation and condenser pumps cooling towers piping to connect components and cooling coils to transfer heat from the supply air stream and into the chilled watermdashalthough not all buildings especially in multicampus installations will have dedicated chillers or cooling towers.

Cooling Tower Relief is an optimization strategy for chiller plants that compliments the optimization strategy Condenser Water Temperature ResetBefore evaluating this strategy one should first understand CW Reset short of Condenser Water Temperature Reset.

Cooling Tower Tonnage Cooling towers are not the typical 12000 BTUHrton The amount of BTU it takes in one hour to form one ton of ice they are 15000 BTUHrtonThe added 3000 BTU is for removing the Chiller compressor heat.

Dec 20 2019nbsp018332A cooling tower is a device that rejects heat to the atmosphere by cooling a working fluid typically water to a lower temperatureIn a chiller plant this water is part of the condenser water loop and is responsible for removing heat from the chiller and rejecting it to the outside atmosphereCooling towers are usually found on the top of.

Increased thermal capacity and higher density makes water an ideal medium for spaceefficient heat transferThat means chiller plants offer greater energy efficiency better controllability longer life and have less space requirements because theyrsquore component based.

Chiller Plant Simulator Chiller Plant Optimization.

Oct 22 2019nbsp018332The major difference between a cooling tower and an evaporative condenser chiller setup lies in the number of stages required to achieve their cooling effectsFor chiller systems that utilize a cooling tower heat transfer from the cooling process involves two stagesThe heat generated by an industrial or commercial process is first.

The Chiller Plant Optimizer™ implements this strategy independently from CW Reset except that CW temperature is not allowed to exceed chiller design temperature as long as the cooling tower has the required capacityOn the other hand Cooling Tower Relief is not implemented unless CW Reset has been implemented.

The extended drought throughout the Western United States has caused many companies to reexamine the impact of water usage for cooling data centersSome have questioned whether onsite cooling towers use too much water given these shortagesIn evaluating the best cooling strategy for a data center it is critical to view water usage holistically including water use where the power is madeWhen viewed in this light mechanical evaporative cooling systems are often far more efficient than alternative dry systems.

Three chillers a 1250ton Trane 174 a 370ton McQuay and a 275ton York174 chiller and three SPX Cooling Technology Marley174 evaporative cooling towersOur story is about how USFCTG’s focus on sustainability led them to replace their chemical water treatment program with an innovative allnatural solution using moss.

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Cooling Tower Relief Chiller Plant Optimization.

When a common cooling tower plant is used a sequence to determine the optimum condenser water temperature is requiredSpecial care should be taken when an absorption chiller is used in a hybrid plantGenerally an absorption chiller has different condenser water requirements than a centrifugal chiller.

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