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Laser Water Cooler

Industrial Laser Chiller for Co2 Laser Laser Cooler Laser Water.

Always make sure that your water cooled laser machines don39t freeze.

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Feb 24 2020nbsp018332CW4000 chiller unit suitable for water cooled CO2 laser tubesIdeal for heavier production or in warm environment will protect your tube and keep your beam accurate The CW4000 unit contains refrigerator gases and a compressor and actively cools the recirculating waterSuitable for use with laser tubes up to 150W.

For a 50watt laser tube we can use the water pumpstandard accessory comes with laser cutting machine to cooling the tubeHowever water pump has no refrigerating ability If we use a higher powerfor example more than 80w tube to do cutting and engraving job the water temperature will increase as long as laser working from time to timeIn this way the hot temperature will affect the stability of laser tube and reduce the processing quality of laser beam meanwhile it may also cause the CO2 leaking from the glass tube and make the tube break finally.

For this reason the project with the inhouse name of submarine design resulted in a water chiller that can be connected by inserting it directly into an unusually small opening in the laser machineTo enable this solution the individual chiller components had to be arranged to save space and fit the laser’s layout.

Hi just bought a k40 and readying it for its first run thank you for all the tips btwI’ve read the scare stories everywhere regarding using anything but distilled water will cause a black hole etc so to be on the safe side I’m going to take the adviceDistilled water is a little expensive in the UK so I thought I of just using the water from my heat pump dryer.

Huaray UV Ultraviolet Laser Source 355nm 3W 5W 12W Water Cooling The Poplar series nanosecond UV lasers offer a new allinone design which is easy for integrationCompare this product Remove from comparison toolSee the other products JCZ LASERCHINAPulsed infrared for optical pumping.

I know some users are doing it i wuoldn´tEven if its coming from a dehumidifier pump dryer or similar where it takes water to steam and collect it again there is a big risk that it contains a lot of crap some machines are better than others on filtering the crap out but as a general rule i never recommend itCheck for battery water it´s often cheaper and pretty much the same thing as distilled.

If your laser machine is not in an environment that is protected from freezing make sure you drain the water from your laser tube if there is any chance of the temperature reaching freezing to avoid any costly repairs.

In all cases cooler water means longer life for your laser tubeVery large laser cutters are going to require industrial chillersWater pump systems and small chillers are not going to be able to handle 150w laser tubesAs these tubes can be expensive it is economically in user’s best interest to make their life as.

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It is a process where it absorbs heat evaporates water through its pump and cools down the temperature with a fresh breezeIn the year 1983 Lazer got involved in the journey of the cooler production in India and ever since Lazer has been innovating on its design and technology making it more and more efficient with contemporary body designs.

Laser Skin Cooler Reduce Pain Beauty Machine Air Cooling machine for laser 40C Cryo Cold Skin Cooling deviceGuangzhou Maglev Plasma Beauty Co.

Oct 28 2020nbsp018332The external resistance is too large the return water flow is small and the alarm setting is too largeThis failure can be solved by adjusting the flow switch 2Troubleshooting In the case of power failure unscrew the drain screw and then tighten it after water overflows.

Product available upon special requestThis water cooling block plate is useful for laser diode cooling laboratory instruments medical products recirculating chillers.

Temperature controllers do not supply sufficient cooling in some devices and situationsSometimes a cooling module based on water cooling is required to ensure even more efficient coolingThis applies in particular to more demanding professional applicationsOpt Lasers supplies cooling modules upon special request.

CW4000 Water Chiller Unit HPC Laser.

Water cooling systemOptional Thunder Laser.

The CO2 Laser Water Chiller of XlntChillers is specially designed and developed for the CO2 laser tubeXlntChillers laser water chiller adopts compressors and other accessories from wellknown international suppliers and is equipped with highend research and development capabilities so that the cooling accuracy of the water chiller can reach 1770.

Laser Coolers amp Chillers Any application amp field of use.

The cooling water for Innova laser systems must meet certain basic specifications which vary according to the system model numberThese specifications which pertain to both the flow and the quality of the water are given in tabular form in this chapter.

Therefore Thunder laser suggests you to use the water chiller as the cooling system when you use the laser tube more than 80 wattSince the water chiller has the refrigerating capacity and can adjust the temperature intelligently to keep the temperature within a certain range thereby to ensure the stability of laser working reduce the air leakage and slow down the aging speed so as to improve the life of laser tube.

This water chiller keeps the laser tube cool and is essential for repeatable professional cut and engraving qualityHighly recommended for nontemperature controlled environments non airconditioned warehouses for lasers 60W and overWater Cooler Replacement AlarmSignal Cable.

Water Cooling Module Product available upon special requestThis water cooling block plate is useful for laser diode cooling laboratory instruments medical products recirculating chillers00 PCS Add to cart In stock Compact Water Cooling Module Product available upon special request.

Product available upon special requestThis water cooling block plate is useful for laser diode cooling laboratory instruments medical products recirculating chillers.

When the laser tube is working it will produce a large amount of heatThe heat may lead to the glass tube break once it reach a certain temperature therefore it is necessary to use a cooling system to protect the laser tube.

You should only use distilled or demineralised water in your water cooling system unless a higher quality of water has been specifically quoted to you by CTR your supplierOther types of water are not suitable for using in the water cooling system for your laser machine and may cause damage to the laser components.

Zimmer has been around for over 20 years providing awardwinning laser coolers laser cooling and laser chillers to all nations around the worldPlease call us for used Zimmer refurbished Zimmer or New Zimmer Cryo chillers Zimmer Cryo Cooler New Zimmer Cryo ChillerWe all always eaged to please with our customer service and superior.

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