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Water Chiller Condenser

Air cooled chiller condenser.

An air cooled condenser ACC is a direct dry cooling system where steam is condensed inside aircooled finned tubesThe expansion valve or metering device is called by various names but it functions as the gate keeper between the highside Condenser and lowsideAir Cooled Chiller Condenser Testing.

Apr 06 2022nbsp018332For watercooled chillers refrigerant relief piping is connected to the condenser and evaporator and runs to the atmosphereThis is required by code as a safety measure in case there is an overpressurization of refrigerant gas and needs to be vented it is run to the atmosphere due to the potential health and safety risk.

Aug 07 2009nbsp018332Proper flow rate on a water cooled condenser can be calculated as followsDesign flow rate should be THREE TIMES your absorption tonsFor example at 45F your chiller is designed to remove 60k btuh from your process60k btuh tonnage is 5 tons this is 60k btuh 12k btuhIn this example your condenser flow rate should be about 15 GPM or 5 x 3.

WATER COOLED CHILLER PreCommissioning Checklist.

Chilled water amp condenser water Inside either the evaporator or the condenser the refrigerant does not meet with the waterThe evaporator and the condenser of the chiller are heat exchangers designed to transfer heat from the refrigerant to the water efficientlyThe temperature different between the refrigerant and water is called approach.

Chiller systems are essential for temperature control and cooling in several industries.

Choosing a chiller can be challenging considering units range vastly in size and designThey are offered as localized portable chiller units for smaller operations as well as large central chillers for cooling entire processesReach out to the industrial process cooling experts at Cold Shot Chillers to learn more about our wide range of engineered solutions.

Is a watercooled condenser suitable for chiller application When you need help selecting the best condenser system for your project you can count on us Cold Shot Chillers is an industrial chiller manufacturer headquartered in Houston TexasWith decades of industry experience our team of experts can produce equipment with an endless list of options to meet every customer’s needs.

Jan 05 2005nbsp018332Consider the operation of a water cooled centrifugal compressor chillerIncreasing the condenser water temperature range reduces the condenser water flow which requires smaller pumps and pipingIt also increases the required condenser pressure while improving the LMTD for the cooling towerIncreasing the condensing pressure on the chiller.

Water Cooled Condenser Design Flow Rate Issues Legacy Chillers.

Jul 03 2019nbsp018332The condenser water is pumped up to the cooling towerThe cooling tower is usually located on the roof and it rejects that heat from the condenser water and into the ambient air thus the condenser water cools down and the atmospheric air warms up.

Jul 21 2003nbsp018332For any chiller with a compressor you have to know what temperature range the chilled water and the condenser water are supposed to beTypically many chillers not absorption will run 45 55 deg F range on the chilled water which results in 2The condenser water typically would run 95 85 deg F range which would be 3 gpmton.

Jul 21 2019nbsp018332The Evacuation Process during Chilled Water System Condenser RepairHaving passed the pressure test our engineer set up the vac pump and started the evacuation processThis is to dehydrate the system by pulling a vacuum of less than 2 TorrAny moisture in the system will boil away and leave the system dry.

May 15 2017nbsp018332Water cooled condensers will repetitively cycle Condenser water between the cooling tower and the condenser the hot refrigerant which enters the condenser from the compressor will transfer its heat into this water which is transported up to the cooling tower and rejected from the building.

Oct 12 2021nbsp018332Watercooled chillers typically contain a condenser attached to a cooling towerThe most common types of watercooled chillers use water from an external tower to cool the gaseous refrigerant in the condenserOnce the heat is expelled the refrigerant will undergo a phase change into a liquid to be recirculated into the system.

Oct 22 2019nbsp018332The major difference between a cooling tower and an evaporative condenser chiller setup lies in the number of stages required to achieve their cooling effectsFor chiller systems that utilize a cooling tower heat transfer from the cooling process involves two stagesThe heat generated by an industrial or commercial process is first.

Originally the hotel’s cooling plant was comprised of three centrifugal chillers rated at 135 185 and 235 tonsThe condenser water loop was conditioned using a magnetic water treatment device to prevent scale and chemical treatment was used for biological controlAs cooling tower water was warmed in the chillers’ condensers dissolved.

Our engineer supervised the condenser replacementHe found that the new condenser did not fit correctlyThe new condenser was 5mm thicker than the old oneIt was decided to lift it back out and angle grind the frame to make more roomOnce this was completed the new condenser fitted correctly and was bolted in place.

Chilled Water System Components Diagrams amp Applications.

The benefits of a WaterCooled Condenser are as follows Where space is restricted for air cooled plant a WaterCooled Condenser is a good solutionThermal energy recovery to put into other heating processesMore robust reducing the need to replace as often as AirCooled CondensersQuite operation compared to AirCooled Condensers.

The condenser water with the unwanted heat goes to the cooling tower for further heat rejectionThis is where the unwanted heat in a facility ends upA large fan feeds the unit with airThe air meets with the oncoming condenser waterFrom the direct contact the condenser water loses heat to the air.

The normal chiller condenser approach is below 4176C 7Hence if the condenser water supply temperature is 38176C 1004176F the condensing refrigerant temperature is around 41The chiller condenser gets dirty much quicker than the chiller evaporator because it is an open piping system.

Our engineer put around half the charge in then trimmed the remaining charge according to the superheat and subcooling valuesHe monitored the system for the rest of the day looking for leaks as the plant was at operating pressures of 30 BarAll was well so the customer signed off the paperwork as he was pleased with the capability of our engineer.

Watercooled condensers are utilized in a variety of popular industries including medical manufacturing dairy production food processing and brewing to name a few.

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