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Oven Dried Orange Slices For Decoration

How To Dry Orange Slices This Christmas Moral Fibres.

But did you know you can use dehydrated orange slices for so much more than Christmas tree decorating Tons of different uses for other types of decorating food and drinksYou can also just eat them plain as a healthy snack yes even the orange peels.

Dec 08 2021nbsp018332Country Homes amp Interiors stylist Sara Bird shared her process with us‘To dry citrus fruit slices cut them into 1cm thick roundsWash and pat dry then arrange them on a wire rack on a baking tray’ Bird explains‘Place in a preheated low temperature oven – around 285 degrees F140 degrees CGas 1 – and bake for around 3 hours.

Dec 12 2021nbsp018332Step 2 Preheat your oven to 175˚FOR if using you’re dehydrator no preheat is necessaryThe dehydrator I have only goes to 145˚FStep 3 With a large sharp knife slice the oranges into thin slicesThe thinner the better but I aim for about 18 of an inch.

Dried orange slices are a surprisingly versatile thing to have stocked in your pantryThey last for ages and can be used as decorations garnishes and even aromatics in your cookingOf course they also make a great healthy snack.

Dried orange slices are so easy to make and look fabulousThey are easy to make at home and will last for years if you look after themDried orange slices are perfect for decorating cakes and bakesPerfect for a dried orange slice on your Christmas cocktails or being used for decorations around the homeI love using them as decorations on Christmas presents too.

Dried oranges have so many perksThey are super easy to make cut oranges then dehydrate inexpensive compared to buying ornaments from the store allnatural and just plain gorgeous.

For a fun twoingredient garnish for a cocktail or a mocktail make these easy dried orange slicesThe hardest part of this recipe is slicing the orange thinly beside that the oven does all the work.

Here we’ll cover three methods of making dried orange slices using an oven a microwave and in case you’re lucky enough to have one a food dehydratorThe first steps however are identical.

I39m usually a red green and gold kind of Christmas decoratorBut this year I felt very pulled towards decorating with more muted colors especially with natural items.

Jul 27 2021nbsp018332Recent Posts.

Larger oranges will generally be more bitter which makes them good for aromatics as part of a mulled wine spice mix for exampleYou might also consider their size ideal for Christmas decorationsSmaller oranges like clementines or tangerines tend to be sweeter which makes them better for topping cakes with or healthy snacks especially for kids’ packed lunch boxes.

You can check them and turn them over and least once in that timeAfter 3 hours turn the oven off and leave the orange slices in the oven with the door closedAs the oven cools the oranges will dry out even moreJust make sure you remove them before putting the oven for your next dinner.

How to dry orange slices for Christmas decorations.

Line your baking sheet with some parchment paper and lay the slices on the tray making sure there’s room between each oneIf you can fit two baking sheets in your oven and have enough oranges keep going until you have both filledPlace the baking sheet or sheets in the oven and dry for around six hours.

Making dried orange slices is very easy They just need a long time in the oven to dry out.

Nov 18 2021nbsp018332OVEN METHODPlace orange slices on wire racks on large baking sheetsBake 175176F for 34 hoursIf you don’t have a wire rack place orange slices directly on cookie sheets covered with parchment paper and flip them over every hour just to ensure they are properly dried.

Oct 21 2021nbsp018332Preheat your ovenPrepare your pan with nonstick spray parchment paper or a baking matYou can also place a rack on the cookie sheet to elevate the slices and speed up drying timeThe thinner the slices the faster they will dryPlace oranges in a single layer on the prepared panBake for up to 6 hours or until completely dry.

Sep 24 2021nbsp018332InstructionsLine an oven tray with parchment paperBlot the orange slices with paper towels to remove moisturePlace the slices in a single layer on top of the parchment paperBake in the oven 120C250F for around 3 hoursCheck hourly to make sure the oranges are not burning.

They are also the perfect addition to a homemade wreath or potpourri to make your home smell incredible.

To prepare your dried orange slices first you need to choose the right type of orangesIt’s best to use seedless ones if you can find themThey are much easier to slice thinly and the end result will look prettier and more consistent.

Using a paper towel blot up all the extra juice and moisture from your orange slicesnbspYou want them as dry as possible before placing them in the oven.

We’ll get onto more uses for dried orange slices later but first we’ll discuss various methods of making them and answer some common questions you might have.

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