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Water Holding Capacity Freeze Dried Vs Oven Dried

Freeze Dryer vs Dehydrator For Long Term Food Storage.

A dehydrator circulates air at low temperatures to remove moisture from the food evenly drying itUnlike a freeze dryer that drops below freezing temperatures a dehydrator uses warm temperatures ranging from 95176F 140176FFor commercial dehydrators the temperature is set between 95176F 155176F depending on the type of food.

Apr 28 2021nbsp018332For best results 8090 or more of the moisture must be removed in the drying processAlternatively dehydration appliances are now common in home kitchens and are relatively low cost for most buyers under 100These machines use hot air to evaporate water from food however the process takes several hours for most items.

Dec 18 2020nbsp018332Precooked freezedried meats OTOH are not nearly as good as canned meat largely because all the fat and broth is removed from the freezedriedUncooked freezedried meat is good although it still needs some fat added back when preparingUnfortunately the uncooked meats available are very expensive.

Feezedried foods rehydrate quicker and dehydrated foods condense further allowing more to be stored in less space.

Food preservation is the art of retaining the longevity of food products until consumedTwo popular methods of food preservation are dehydration and freeze dryingOne often makes the mistake of implying both the food preservation methods synonymouslyHowever freeze drying and dehydration are two unique and different food preservation methods used to extend the shelf life of food spanning decades.

For example one cup of fresh apricotsHas 74 calories and 14 grams of sugarThat same cup of dried apricotsContains 313 calories and 70 grams of sugarThe big exception to this general rule is vitamin C which is watersoluble—hence a significant decrease occurs.

Which is Best for Prepping Freeze Dried vs Dehydrated Food.

I recently received a good question from someone who asked8230 8220How much water does it take to cook one serving of dehydrated food versus one serving of freeze dried foodThe more it takes to cook the less you have to drink.

I8217ve always believed in diversification of food storage typesStore bought canned foods store bought jar foods home canned foods foods that don8217t require special treatment ePastas long term foods sealed in 5gallon buckets efreeze dried packaged foods and dehydrated foods great for home garden processing8230 just to name a few.

Nov 08 2021nbsp018332Fresh Pineapple stored in the fridge up to 5 daysDehydrated Pineapple unopened stored at room temp approxFreeze Dried unopened stored at room temp approx.

Freeze Dried vs Canned Goods Survivalist Forum.

Oct 17 2012nbsp0183324 CommentsFreezedried foods have 98 of their water removedThis reduces the food’s weight by about 90Dehydrated foods have 95 of their water removed for vegetables and 80 for fruitsFreeze dried foods retain their original color form size taste and textureDehydrated foods will shrivel in size as the moisture is removed.

Sep 13 2019nbsp018332Freeze dryers can be dried in a variety of ways such as drying boiling drying spray drying and vacuum drying but common drying methods are usually carried out at temperatures above 0 176 C or higherThe products obtained by drying generally have problems of shrinking size and hardening of the texture.

Sep 17 2019nbsp018332The bottom line is that freezedried food is much better than dehydrated food in most categoriesBoth preservation methods have their pros and cons but freezedried food is much more practical for useNot only that it keeps 98 of the original nutritional value and its lighter than dehydrated food.

Sep 30 2021nbsp018332Freezedried dog food can be rehydrated in less than 3 minutes whereas dehydration often takes up to 10 minutesFreezedried dog food has a better appearance unlike the leathery darker look of dehydrated food which some pets dislikeDuring dehydration the food loses many key nutrients because of the intensive process of hot and dry air.

So how much should you give your dog It depends on the breed and sizeReduce it by a little at first and see how it’s goingIf you notice your pooch is gaining weight make the portions even smaller or consult your vetAlternatively just follow the instructions on the back of the food package.

FreezeDried Vs Dehydrated Food Crispy Green.

The taste of the food is a strong determinant of our food choicesSome people prefer spicy foods while others enjoy a rather bland dietNeither the freeze dried nor the dehydration process impacts the taste of the much significantlyHowever given the nature of preservation techniques used there might be a difference in the flavor of the food one might seem richer than the other.

This article explores the brief history of the two methods their differences their pros and cons and presents a little FAQ section to help you understand better.

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