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How Falling Film Evaporator Effect

Falling Film Evaporator in the ZLD Process Sanfeng Tech.

1 Falling film evaporator can evaporate materials with higher concentration and higher viscosity2 The heat transfer coefficient is high as a film is the singlepass evaporator3 Suitable for processing heatsensitive materials.

A Falling Film Evaporator FFE is a combination of vertical shell and tube heat exchanger and vapor liquid separator mounted at bottomThe feed is given at top of shell amp tube type heat exchanger having distributorThe liquid falling on distributor get distributed in such a way that it flow down as a thin film on inside surface of the tube.

Arranged in cascading manners for maximum efficiencyEvaporators have many other advantages such as 1.

Different types of evaporators are used in the food industry including batchtype natural circulation risingfilm fallingfilm risingfallingfilm and agitated thinfilm evaporatorsHeat and mass balances are used in calculations to design single and multipleeffect evaporatorsSteam economy gives an indication of the process efficiency.

Falling film evaporation is to feeding material from its heating room upper side flow through liquid distribution and film form device uniformly distribute liquid to each heat exchange pipe under the gravity vacuum conducting airflow effect which formed film flow from up and downDuring this flow period the product is heated and.

Falling Film Evaporator Concept Process Equipments.

Fallingfilm evaporators and the steam requirements for sugar production have been further reduced by shifting the bleedings down to later evaporation effect and increasing the thick juice brixFallingfilm evaporators allow advanced steamsaving concepts to be implemented for sugar production.

75 shows a singleeffect vertical plate falling film evaporator and condensed vertical plate falling film type solar still working principle 27It consists of solar collectors vertical plate falling film evaporator and condenser and the water storage tank and other componentsWhere the riser evaporator and condenser are assembled.

PDF Design of Industrial Falling Film Evaporators.

In a fallingfilm evaporator feed enters from the top of the evaporatorIt then flows down the inside walls of the tubes as a thin filmAs the feed travels down the tube evaporation occursIn the quintupleeffect evaporator system shown here the vapor product from each effect is used to heat the feed to the next effect.

Evaporators an overview ScienceDirect Topics.

In falling film evaporators due to gravity the liquid forms a continuous liquid filmThe condensed water is taken out from the out let where as in separating chamber the liquid product is separated and remaining steam can be used a secondary heating source for another evaporator.

In falling film evaporators the liquid product usually enters the evaporator at the head of the evaporatorIn the head the product is evenly distributed into the heating tubesThe liquid enters the heating tube and forms a thin film on the tube wall where it flows downwards at boiling temperature and is partially evaporated.

Nov 07 2018nbsp018332We developed falling film heat transfer coefficient FFHTC correlation for saline water evaporation from 280 to 305 K saturation temperaturesWe also demonstrated the effect of salt concentration on heat transfer and LMTDThis will help to design efficient falling film evaporators for processes industries.

Raw material is fed into preheating swirl pipe from storage tank via pumpThe liquid is getting heated by vapor from thirdly effect evaporator then it enters the distributor of thirdly evaporator fall down to become the liquid film evaporated by the vapor from secondary evaporator.

The Falling Film Evaporator with capacity ranges of up to 150th and relatively small floor space requirement is the most widely used evaporator in the process industryDue to its multipleeffect arrangement or heating by thermal or mechanical vapor recompressor.

Falling film evaporator.

The vapor moves along with the concentrated liquid enters thirdly separator and separated from each otherConcentrated liquid comes to the secondary evaporator through pump and get evaporated again by the vapor from the first evaporator and the above process repeat againThe first effect evaporator need fresh steam supply.

Used Triple Effect Falling Film Evaporator 321 Stainless SteelApproximately 2000 square feetUnit consists of 1 Evaporator chamber.

What is a Falling Film Evaporator A falling film evaporator refers to a concentration and evaporation device used in industries.

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