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Freezer Refrigerant Dryer

What Is a Refrigerant Dryer and How Does It Work.

A refrigerant air dryer is a specific type of compressed air dryer that is used to remove moisture from compressed air which always contains waterAny time the compressor sucks in air it brings in exterior moisture as well so to protect your equipment it is important to have a compressed air dryer in place to prevent any potential damage.

A refrigerated air dryer is fundamental in a large group of factoriesWhich requires a standard inventory of dry compressed airThese air dryers are basic in mechanical activities in light of the fact that the moisture present in the air of industry can harm pneumatic systems cause pipelines freezing advance erosion in metallic parts and so forth.

After finding the leak point of the dryer it is the difference of the leak pointIf the bell mouth loosens these leak points it only needs to be tightened by the wrenchIf it is the leak point of the copper tube welding type it needs to use the brazingBrazing trap is a common skill in the refrigeration repair industryThe socalled brazing is to use oxygen and acetylene flames to heat the lowsilver electrode and the required compensation.

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Another method is relatively simple that is to open the inlet of compressed airIf the pressure of the refrigerant pressure gauge rises after a period of time it is sure that the refrigeration system is connected to the air system because the exchange part of his is the evaporatorTherefore it is also possible to determine the internal leakage of the evaporator.

As the name suggests a refrigerated air dryer works by chilling off the air.

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In today8217s market we have many choices and scopes in refrigerated air dryersBut an accurate understanding of the various sorts of Refrigerated air dryers and their standards of activity will allow you to pick the best air dryer for your unique utilization.

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Inlet Temperatureampample45ampampdegC Ambient Temperature ampample38ampampdegC Rated Pressure710 bar Pressure Dew Point 210ampampdegC Specifications as follows If canampapost find the one you need special specification welcome to contact usAre you a Manufacturer or Trade company 9 We are a professional manufacturer of compressed air dryer found in 1999Could I use my own logo or design on goods9 Yescustomized logo and design on mass production are availableWhatampaposs the delivery time9 Within 1530 working days after receiving deposit.

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Sep 08 2016nbsp018332There are two general classes of refrigerated air dryers noncycling and cyclingIn a noncycling dryer the refrigerant compressor runs continuously regardless of the actual compressed air flow rate or moisture content of the airA hot gas bypass valve regulates the flow of refrigerant to accommodate variable conditions but this does not.

The cooling process works similarly to the process used in a refrigerator or freezerLiquid refrigerant gets evaporated in a separate circuit and is used to cool down the compressed airAs the air cools the refrigerant gets warmerThe refrigerant goes into a small compressor of its own then gets recooled in a condenser and the process continues to cycle over and over as the air compressor brings in more air.

The lubricating oil is mixed insideIf the Freon leaks the lubricating oil will be taken outIf you look at the inside of the machine carefully if there is a sheet of oily dirt it is likely to be the leaking point and then check the capillary copper tube inside the machineThat is those thin copper tubes and process tubes of less than 6 mm have no breakageAfter passing the above basic inspection mark the suspected place.

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The system works by cooling down the air to approximately three degrees CelsiusAt that point all the water vapor condenses into waterThat liquid water can then be removed from the system through a simple water trap after which point the cold air gets reheated to room temperatureBecause most of the water has been condensed and removed from the system the reheated air is significantly dryer than it was before.

When warm wet air enters the dryer at that time it is chilled off to around 3 degrees CelsiusThe water vapor that was noticeable all around consolidates into water.

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