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Reactor Light Glasses How Do They Work

A guide to lenses Specsavers UK.

The type of lens you’ll need depends on a variety of things such as your lifestyle job preference and vision needsHave a look below at the lenses we offer including their benefits and prices to help you decide which lenses might be the right ones for youThis type of lens comes as standard with.

Reactor is a techy frame with modern details featuring rimless rectangular lenses paired with black and teal metal armsAdd blue light blocking lenses to the look to combat eye strain perfect for those latenight gaming sessionsComplete with spring hinges for comfort and adjustable nose pads for a custom fit.

Aug 19 2020nbsp018332Blue light glasses are treated to filter out blue light to effectively block the transmission of a range of wavelengths emitted from devicesMany times these glasses are also treated to prevent glare to further lessen the strain on the eyes explained All About Vision.

Let’s face it we are constantly surrounded by screens on a daily basisThe COVID19 pandemic has made avoiding digital devices even harderWhether it be working from home in front of a computer for a solid eight hours a day video chatting with loved ones or watching TV for entertainment screens are involved in most work and social activities these days.

Perhaps unsurprisingly The Vision Council found that around 80 of American adults use digital devices for more than two hours a day and almost 67 use two devices simultaneouslyAll of this screen time takes a toll on your eyes and some may feel the effects of digital eye strain more than others.

Reaction lenses also known as photochromic lenses look and work just like normal prescription glassesThe difference is that they react to UV light which causes the lens to darken in sunshine.

The pupil and cornea shrink and focus the image so if your pupils or cornea have an irregularity your vision will be blurry If you have nearsightedness or farsightedness it means your eyes have difficulty focusing light on the spot of your retina that produces the clearest imageGlasses correct vision by allowing your eyes to focus light on the correct spot of your retinaThe curved frames bend light and with the right prescription these frames manipulate the light to reach the correct spot on your retinaThe result is a clear crisp image.

The retina located in the back of the eye is the layer of cells that reacts to lightThis reaction travels to the brain which translates the activities of the cells into an imageWhen you focus your eyes on something the light rays come together inside your eyeFor individuals with perfect vision the rays will focus on the part of your retina that produces a clear image.

Reactor Rectangle Black Rimless Eyeglasses EyeBuyDirect.

Ultimately blue light glasses can help you feel more refreshed after facing a screen all day but if you experience blurry vision or dry eyes it’s also important to change how you use your devices to effectively reduce eye strain.

While a major cause of this irritation is a lack of blinking while viewing screens overexposure of blue light from screens can raise the risk of eye disease according to the American Academy of OphthalmologyThe blue light emitted from devices can also throw off sleep patterns when you’re on your phone or computer late at night.

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