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Fluidized Bed Sprayer Dryer

Fluid Bed Equipment Fluidized Bed Dryer and Processor Top Spray.

A compactly designed instrument according to manufacturing norms with the concept of providing optimum results and drying the wet solid in given time Fluid Bed Dryer is a known device in different industries.

Centrifugal continuous goldsmithsThe 360 series is manufactured by LM srlThis centrifugal type dryer is ideally suited for goldsmith particularly for gold silver fancy jewelry and optical manufacturing.

Fluidized bed dryer All industrial manufacturers Page 2.

Drying is a key unit process in the chemical food and pharmaceutical industriesIt requires heating making it capital and energyintensiveDrying may make up 6070 of the total production cost.

FBD fluidized Bed dryer works on the fluidization principleA highpressure Hot air from the supply is passed through the perforated container containing a wet mass of the granules after some time granules particles started to suspend in the air to become dry called fluidized state the process is called fluidization.

1 Shows the Working of Fluidized Bed Dryer made to flow through bed of the moist food materials that are laid on the perforated traysDESIGN OF FLUID BED DRYER In this step we have discussed about design of dryer with the help of CATIA design tool1 Design of Air Duct All dimensions in mm Fig 3.

As a renowned manufacturer of pharmaceutical process and packaging machinery over the years we have developed an exclusive range of advanced Fluidized Bed Equipment and Processor – Top Spray Granulation.

Fluid Bed Dryers SaintyTec.

Fluidized bed spray granulator dryer fluidized bed dryer powder with steam sterilizer fluidized bed dryer for pamYutong High quality Boiling bed Chlorinated polyethylene fluidized bed dryer.

Hot air is injected at high pressure through a perforated bed of moist solid particles to get a velocity greater than the settling velocity of the particles in the fluidization processThe moist solids are raised from the bottom of the bucket and suspended in an air stream fluidized stateThe hot air around the solid particles reduces the moisture content of the particles to achieve the desired drying also refer as a loss on drying LODThe drying vapors carry the vaporized liquid awayLeaving gas is sometimes somewhat recycled to preserve energy.


In short In a fluid bed dryer the inlet air stream is blown past solid powder molecules at restThe particles are taken up in the dry amp hot air stream and dehydrated through evaporationRead on for the full explanation of the fluidized bed drying process.

Our range of Fluid Bed Dryer is one of the most preferred choices when it comes to high quality and performanceIn addition all our machines are equipped with the latest safety featuresBecause of our continuous innovation in product development we have been able to develop a range of machines most suitable for our customers in different industries.

The Dryer include controlled air velocity volume of the bowl and maintenance of direction along with temperature of clean inlet air is done through retarding fluidization filtration area and expansion chambersThe Fluid Dryer also comes with properly sealed leak proof space for fluidization electrically and pneumatically controlled processes filter material and holed pitches located at the bottom of the productu2019s container.

The Fluid Bed Processing System is ideal for products in Pharmaceuticals Food 038 Dairy Industry and Chemicals 038 Biochemical Industries which are sensitive as well as insensitive to heatIt includes the process of cooling agglomeration and speedy drying of microparticlesIt is mainly used for drying products such as granules powders plastics tablets and many more.

The Lab dryer works on the principle of fluidizationIn this process the static state with heavy density changes into dynamic state with liquid like movement allows the operation of drying with smoothness.

The present invention relates generally to spray dryers and more particularly to an apparatus and methods for spray drying liquids into dry powder form.

This patent application is a continuation of copending U3 2016 a continuation of copending U3 2016 and a continuation of copending U3 2016 all of which claim the benefit of UAll of the foregoing applications are incorporated by reference.

While it is desirable to use electrostatic spray nozzles for generating electrically charged particles that facilitate quicker drying due to the largely steel construction of such sprayer dryer systems the electrostatically charged liquid can charge components of the system in a manner particularly if unintentionally grounded that can impede operation of electrical controls and interrupt operation resulting in the discharge of uncharged liquid that is not dried according to specification.

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